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Spray foam is a special packaging material,mostly used while shipping in valuable and fragile goods.It is sprayed on the walls and the floors of the item to be shipped when it is still in liquid form, then it is given some time to cool into a thick and hard foam for insulation.

Spray foams are of two kinds,that is the open-cell and the closed-cell foam .Open cell foam is most used to insulate interior walls and floors due to its low density,while the closed cell foam is mostly used to insulate the exterior parts of an item due to its high density.

Which are the benefits of using spray foam for insulation?

1.It saves space-If you use spray foam,the amount of space taken will be very minimal as compared to its alternative fiberglass or the in-blown cellulose. Its thickness will vary with the point at which it is applied,but as time goes by,it is likely to move three inches deep after its installation.

2.Energy saving-The material has a furnace that is energy efficient. With this,you can save a lot of energy up to around forty five percent,or even more than this in case your room is re-insulated using this spray foam.

3.Highest R-value- R-value is the availability of the insulation material .Closed-cell spray foam has the highest availability of insulation material. compared to fiberglass,spray foam has a great capability to resist the movement of heat due to its greater R-value.

While using spray foams,there are also some short comings that are realized in the long ran. i.e,

1.Disruptive- Since spray foam is highly degraded by the UV light,there is need for it to be put under cover. When removing and replacing the dry walls,it proves to be very much disruptive.

2.Not Eco-friendly- Well insulated homes and items protected by this spray foam are always Eco-friendly,but the spray foam is not. The components used to make these spray foams are very dangerous to the environment.

Which kind of item or room is right for spray foam?

If you are using any kind of spray foam,always do not forget that they are highly flammable and they must be given an ignition guard if they are being installed on items that are going to be near fire. With this precaution in mind,they can be used anywhere so long as you are using it for the right purpose.

Spray foams are very dangerous to a persons health. During installation,its advisable for you to put on any protective gear. In places where this spray has been used,it is advisable to avoid inhaling gas around because you might inhale dangerous gases which are used in making this spray. They are also known to very messy,so you should avoid any direct contact with them.

What about its cost?

Before making up you mind to start using this material,you should bare in mind that they are vary much expensive when compared to other insulation materials such as the fiberglass. But they are the best option so far,as they are worth the price you purchase it.

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